Practice Spaces - Updated May 2015

One of the most common questions on the Yahoo Group is about practice space and where to find it. A list is being compiled here of practice spaces in the D.C. Metro Area, which you'll be able to access anytime through the link under "Resources For Musicians" in the right hand column. If you have something to add, please post it as a comment below. The list will be updated as people submit more information.

Practice Spaces in the D.C. Metro Area:

Barco Rebar
Falls Church, VA

7Drum Lessons
2008 8th Street NW
Washington DC 20001

Uncle Bob's Self Storage
Alexandria, VA

Music Cave Studios
46040 Center Oak Plaza #150
Sterling, VA 20166
(703) 430-1095

Rock Shop Studios
8455 R Tyco Road
Vienna VA 22182
(703) 801-4737

Str8way Music Service
(240) 479-5855

The Pittipad
5317 Lafayette Pl
Hyattsville, MD 20781
(301) 742-2660

Crash Box
201 Davis Drive Unit H
Sterling, VA 20164
(571) 426-0027

Bach to Rock
4819 Saint Elmo Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 913-5757

Washington, DC


Anonymous said…
I'm looking for a one-time only practice space for my husband, who is an out-of-practice drummer. Drum set would need to be supplied, the room sound-proofed. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Anonymous said…
UncleBob's self storage let's bands practice there? I thought storage spaces typically didn't let people practice there, is this place an exception?
Mike said…
I'm not sure what the official policy is at Uncle Bob's, but a lot of bands seem to practice there.
Anonymous said…
barcorebar is a great practice space. Richard is a solid scenster who has spent the past 10 years or more supplying the DC area with quality space.
Anonymous said…
My band practices at "Barco Rebar" in Falls Church. We pay 240 a month for one weekly 4-hr block. It's grungy and dirty and the equipment is pretty beat-up but it does the job. We've looked at alternatives but haven't found anything better.
Anonymous said…
I have practiced on and off at Barco Rebar for at least 10 Years and All Gear is supplied (minus guitar,cymbals) and the rooms sound good. Once a bass amp blew up and I called Richard and he had another one there in 15 minutes. He has told me in the past that space is impossible to find (hence not many other rehearsal spaces around) and extremely expensive to rent.
Anonymous said…
Uncle Bob's is currently full for band space - try to get on the wait list.
Anonymous said…
Dream Sound Studios in Manassas has three practice rooms with drums and a PA. Heres Dream Sounds info:

DreamSound LLC
8800 Commerce Ct Suites 102, 103
Manassas, VA 20110

Please tell them Fistful of Fifties sent you.
Anonymous said…
I'm looking for a practice area without time limits. We need to be able to play whenever we need and sleep there if needed. Can Anyone point me in the right direction? Anything from a cabin to storage space...
Anonymous said…
I'm looking for a practice area without time limits. We need to be able to play whenever we need and sleep there if needed. Can Anyone point me in the right direction? Anything from a cabin to storage space...
Anonymous said…
Finally!...A real rehearsal studio. A friend of mine told me about this place called Rockville Rehearsal ( I just reserved my own studio there. My prayers have been answered.
Anonymous said…
I'm just looking for somewhere were I can practice piano...nothing fancy, just a piano and a sound-proof room...any suggestions?
Anonymous said…
Can anyone give me street addresses for Barco Rebar, or Rockville Rehearsal Studio or DreamSOund, which seems to have moved? All their web sites either don't list contact info, of have phone numbers that they don't return messages on. I figure I'll just drive to one of them and try to reserve a space in person but they don't even list addresses! Thanks.
Anonymous said…
for space to practice piano, I would check out a local university or community college. They tend to have soundproof rooms with pianos that you can book some time to practice in.
Unknown said…
I'm a reporter at the Washington Post--also have a band--looking to write about the lack of rehearsal space in DC and Northern VA. Looking to talk to bands that have tried weird/intersting locales--garages, storage spaces, expensive recording studios, churches, whatever. Help shed light on this important issue! Call me ASAP 703-443-6840.
Unknown said…
I'm a reporter at the Washington Post--also in a band--looking to write about the lack of practice space in the metro area. Looking to talk to bands that have tried everything in the book: garages, expensive studios, storage spaces, churches, etc. Call me ASAP to shed light on this important issue! 703-443-6840. -Jon
Unknown said…
Linear Sound is located in Fredericksburg VA. We offer pro level rehearsal space for $15 an hr. (PA included) Our rooms are sound-treated, climate controlled and clean! We have been in business for 2 years and we are not going anywhere. Check us out: or We are an hour South of DC right off 95.
Unknown said…
For Practice Space in Washington D.C. try we have multiple rooms, are in a commercial space and are open 24 hours a day. 202 270 2744
Tradarama said…
What happened to Rockville Studios? I was interested in their rehearsal studios but they don't return inquiry. Can't find them on the net? Seemed like a cool idea. Anyone?
Unknown said…
studio3dc is a large practice studio in brookland dc (near cathloic u) that is now open. we have two rooms, soon to be four. we provide the basic equipment, 4 hours @ $65.
Anonymous said…
Anyone know of any spots near Herndon VA for rent? I see them in DC, Rockville,Alexandria, but would be nice if there was space near Herndon or Sterling. If anyone knows of anything Please let us know, Thx!
Anonymous said…
Studio 3 DC has the potential of being a great practice space for local bands, the owner guy is quite friendly and helpful but...

1.- They seem to never check their e-mail or respond to phone messages when you try to book a practice.

2. - The practice rooms are dark, dusty and have no kind of acoustic padding whatsoever, just concrete walls, no AC or ventilation of any kind either so it gets hot as balls.

3.- There is never a working a PA and you're extremely lucky if you get two working guitar cabinets at the same time.

That said, it has potential and its a fairly new space so this critique may be a little harsh. But for 20 bucks per hour, they should make more of an effort to actually provide the services they say they provide on their website.

Out of all of the other almost non-existent rehearsal spaces in DC we have only tried One World Studios, and the place is great and delivers on what it promises.
Anonymous said…
Does rockville rehearsal even exist? No address, no phone number, no replies after contacting them via their website.

Maryland is the worst place ever if you are starting a band. I guess one just has to buy a house and sound proof their garage if they want to jam. pathetic.
Anonymous said…
Barco Rebar is a $hit-hole! I wouldn't pay $30/hr for that space ever again! Dirty, dingy, and equipment was beat to hell. Absolutely disgusting!

Go to Minton's in Ashburn ( for top-notch studio with great equipment for the same price!
Anonymous said…
I'm planning to open a brand new 4-6 room rehearsal studio in the NOVA/D.C area. The rooms will be designed for playing music and will be equipped with brand new top of the line gear...all you'll need to bring is your guitars and drum sticks. I even plan to have digital recorders in each studio for recording practices. Just curious how much demand there is for this right now...hit me back with your thoughts pretty please.
We Are The List said…
Please open it up, all of these practice spots are crap holes
We Are The List said…
We need a good practice space, somebody open one.
Anonymous said…
Stay away from Studio 3 DC, for 20 an hour you get a bunch of broken equipment and an attitude from the untrustworthy owner. The electrical wiring is all shoddily done, and could possibly be dangerous. There is no ventilation in any of the practice rooms, so they get hot and smelly quick.
Anonymous said…
I used to practice at an uncle bobs in Melbourne florida. My question is how do you keep your equipment from being exposed to the cold. I know they have climate control but. I have never ad the chance to see what it looks like in there.
Jennifer said…
I own The Soundry in Vienna, VA. We have been open a year now. We have a clean, equipped rehearsal room that we rent hourly for $20 an hour or be a monthly member which is more affordable if you need a weekly time slot. Feel free to stop by and check us out.

Our rehearsal calendar is up to date and online as well as the list of equipment in the room. Heat, A/C & bathrooms--and our coffee shop next door:) We also have an open mic every Tuesday night at 8pm.
Jennifer said…
Hey there! I own The Soundry in Vienna, VA. Not sure if anybody here has had a chance to check us out, but we offer a clean, equipped professional rehearsal space. We also have an open mic every Tuesday night at 8pm.

Stop by to check us out or take a look online to see our up to date rehearsal calendar, list of equipment and rates.

Unknown said…
Bach To Rock in Bethesda, MD offers affordable band and solo/piano rehearsal rooms 7 days a week. The rooms come complete with PA systems, drum kits, bass and guitar amps, and keyboards. The facility is clean (no building basement rehearsal rooms), and prices start at $10 and $15 per hour. Their phone is 301-913-5757.
Anonymous said…
im a musician from pittsburgh potentially moving to dc. this has been one of the biggest fears in my life; giving up my studio space in pittsburgh.

reading through these posts is REALLY depressing. i currently have a personal rehearsal/recording studio that ive been in approximately 13 years. there are no other bands in my building. before that, my band had our own rehearsal space for approximately 5 years. again, no other bands near by. originally, i needed space as a drummer to rehearse. it grew into a space for recording and storing equipment and housing bands that i was in at the time. my rent is currently $300 a month for an approximately 30x35 space broken up into a main room, bath room, small closet, and a side room! this, is bigger than most apartments in dc im sure! and cleaner... i rent this in addition to my apartment in another part of town! it is just really depressing and i think a greater reflection on the state of music in general, that artists in dc would NEVER be able to acquire something like this, as far as i can tell. i have no idea how one can be an artist without a quiet, secluded space to retreat to and create, at ANY time. personally, i believe it will be the end for me as a drummer if i move to dc. i play the drums, or work on other music almost every night. i still have a day job. though, in pittsburgh, my space is atypical, it is common for most all bands to have their own personal rehearsal space at least.

so, i fear moving to dc would be the end of what i have taken for granted my entire musician life. i could not believe how impossible it was to find such spaces in other places ive lived. i believe one tell-tale indicator of the quality of a citys music scene is the infrastructure to enable a music scene. and im not talking about these places that are charging people by the hour...musicians need a real estate market that provides for artist space. i see this deficiency in many citys ive been to and i believe dc will be the end of my art.

id love to hear any feedback.
Unknown said…
I am opening a 24 x 7 access practice studio for bands in Reston, VA! The practice space is really nice, clean and in a sound proof building, so be as loud as you need to be and no more cops being called! Pricing is affordable and have many open slots. Just leased the space, it is ready to web site yet...Please just call me to discuss. 703-861-2842 - my name is Tara.
Unknown said…
Practice Studio for bands opening in Reston, as loud as you want, sound proof, extremely clean, large space, best around! Affordable pricing, flexible schedules, 24 x 7 access. Please call Tara to discuss - web site under construction. phone: 703-861-2842
Anonymous said…
Brand new Rehearsal space called Crashbox located in Sterling VA.

check them out here:
Angie said…
We just opened a new rehearsal space in Tysons. It is a huge space (the stage is 25ft x 15 ft), ac, bathrooms, clean, new equipment. We have a 5 piece yamaha custom drum kit, 2 vox vt100 2x12 amps, 1 korg m50 workstation, 1 mackie 10 channel board, 6 sm58 mics, 4 monitors, 1 vox ac30 amp, 1 bass amp.... etc. Here is a picture
call or email if you would like to book time.
703 801 4743
angie said…
We have opened a new rehearsal space in Tyson Corner Va. It is a performance rehearsal studio featuring a 25'x15' stage with a 8'x8' drum riser, brand new equipment..mackie pa, 4 monitors, 2 vox vt100 2x12 guitar amps, 1 Vox ac 30 2x12 guitar amp ,4x10 bass with ampeg head, 6 SM 58 mics, KORG M50 work station, Korg 88 key digital piano, Yamaha stage series drums.. send us an email...
Unknown said…
located in Hyattsville
$25/hr.- regular rehearsals
$35/hr.- recorded rehearsals
Drums & Bass provided for use
Anonymous said…
Offering affordable practice/rehearsal space in the dc/md metro area. For more info, visit the website at or you can call 240.479.5855

Sound system rentals
music lessons
media conversions
Jerry said…
Jerry's Music located in Rockville MD has a rehearsal space with a 20 X 8' stage with PA, and drums for as low as $25/hour. We also have individual rooms for smaller groups or solo practice for as low as $10/hour. 301-907-6900
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know of any practice spaces around or near the Annapolis area

e-mail or call:
Angie said…
Rock Shop studios in Tysons / Vienna has a new web site... check out this rehearsal space at:

It is conveniently located near 7/267/495.
It is a huge performance rehearsal space with a large stage and all the equipment you need to walk in, plug in and play. Amazing Sound.
Unknown said…

Maggard Sound is a full service recording studio located
in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. We have a long
history that has become a part of the musical heritage
of the Appalachian region.

recording studio southwest
somerset recording

Anonymous said…
Hey everyone. I run a new Boston-based monthly rehearsal facility and we are potentially thinking of opening another one in the DC area. Seems like there's a need! What's the best/worst areas to think about? Do you think people would be into monthly rooms as opposed to hourly rooms? Would be grateful for the feedback. Anyone know of some local bands that do well in that area? Trying to reach out.
Music Cave Studios will be open for business by June of 2014 in Ashburn, VA. They are going to be a practice facility offering 13 rooms for monthly rent to bands. Climate Controlled, 24/7 secure access, plenty of parking, plenty of power outlets, sound proofed Studio, vending machines on site. You can find out more at or on their website
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
Hi! Yes, here is a practice space with an upright piano: