Friday Night Videos - Pronoun Edition

Tonight we have a pair of very different videos that deal with time, relationships, and inevitability, with the common thread of a pronoun in the title of each. First we have the breathy and gorgeous "Now You Want to Live in the Light" from Quebec's Land of Talk. This is the fifth single from the band's Indistinct Conversations, out today on Saddle Creek. Land of Talk frontwoman and nexus Elizabeth Powell might be Canada's closest analogue to Laura Gibson, a high priestess of the inward looking, empress of the introverts. This video, as with a few others from the album, includes Canadian First Nations dancer and multidisciplinary artist Lara Kramer. The song, described as "a poem set to music" about the "tender negotiations between the light and dark parts of ourselves", takes on a haunting quality as we watch Kramer move about the back of an open trailer. She struggles, rocks, tentatively takes to her feet, a lo-fi moving tableau of an individual's battle against self-imposed constraints. It's a typical hauntingly beautiful song from a Canadian treasure.

Next up is "Plans We Made" from LA experimental electronic outfit Son Lux. Originally the solo project of composer Ryan Lott, the band expanded to a trio with the addition of Rafiq Bhatia and Ian Change on guitar and drums. The song reflects the fundamental struggle within ourselves and in our relationships, the tragedy of importance and the struggle against our better angels and best intentions. "Plans We Made" is the lead single from a three-volume cycle of albums collectively named Tomorrows, the first of which will be out August 14 on City Slang. The accompanying video is billed as the "Official Visualizer", a collection of rotating perspectives of what appears to be a meteor in light and darkness above an unnamed and uninhabited planet.