Wednesday Is For Goth Lovers

In honor of World Goth Day, today we bring you a Hump Day selection of old, new, and unconventional goth songs. Kick back, put on your Doc Martens, light up a clove cigarette, and enjoy.

Siouxsie Sioux at the Edinburgh Tiffany's, 1980

Up first we have Portland-based quintet BlackWater HolyLight with "Sunrise", their heavy psych take on a modern murder ballad. The band just finished a tour of Europe in support of their self-titled debut, which came out last year on RidingEasy Records.

It strains the bounds of credulity to talk about goths and not mention The Mountain Goats' 2017 record of the same name. If you missed their recent 9:30 Club set, the band is playing a pair of (sold out) shows at Ottobar in July.

Musical genres are like rivers, full of twists and turns and channels that branch off and meander. One such offshoot is cholo goth, a style invented by San Diego duo Prayers. Combining goth and post-punk influences with gritty tales of street of gang life in Southern California, "Gothic Summer" both sounds like and completely distinct from anything else in the genre.

Our final entry for today is gothic in its beauty and its tragedy. Jeremy Dutcher is a classically trained tenor and musician, a member of the Tobique First Nation of Canada, and a two-spirit individual. His album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa won the 2018 Polaris Music Prize and the 2019 Juno Award for Indigenous Music Album of the Year. He's one of fewer than 100 speaker of the Wolastoq language, and his album is both the product of his research on indigenous music and also an attempt to save the language.