DC Concert Roundup - April 22 to April 28

This week is so chock-full of great shows that I feel I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a smattering of them. We kick off tomorrow night with Stars and Dan Mangan at 9:30. Stars have a knack for turning the mundane, occasionally awkward, slog of everyday life into soaring dramas replete with love, loss, and regret. The archly elaborate orchestration of their earlier records has segued into a more restrained brand of electro-pop. This is a band that has sailed through the Scylla and Charybdis of prolonged adolescence and young adulthood, of heartbreak both inside and external to the band, and emerged more gracious and grateful on the other side.

Wednesday brings us the shimmering indie pop of Half Waif at DC9. She channels heartbreak and the isolation of life on the road, and on her decision to depart troubled former band Pinegrove, into lush meditations on the power of music to heal.

Thursday features not only the Land of Talk show at Songbyrd, but also local prog-rockers Boat Burning opening for Chris Forsyth for their EP release at DC9. Expect an evening of incandescent guitar work from these instrumental maestros.