Wednesday Is For Lovers - Sara Curtin and Deerhoof

Today's musical pick-me-ups feature female vocalists from far and wide. We kick off our #WIFL feature with local chanteuse Sara Curtin and her ode to the fleeting nature of existence. Backing Curtin on the track are local singers Olivia Mancini and (my favorite ukulele teacher) Maureen Andary. The song is a slow burn, a simple, stripped-down overlaid with lilting vocal harmonies, a fitting feel for the subject matter. It wouldn't sound out of place on a Wye Oak or Flock of Dimes record. Curtin's new record, Or So It Seemed, came out earlier this month. You can catch her for her local record release show tomorrow at The Black Cat.

If you're jonesing for new material featuring Wye Oak's (and Flock of Dimes') Jenn Wasner, the (literally) animated new video for "I Will Spite Survive" by Bay area art-noise outfit Deerhoof should hold you over. An 80s training montage beat underlying a noodling organ gives way to vocalist Satomi Matsuzaki trading verses with Wasner. In both tone and feel it recalls the trippy animated videos of Athens experimental rockers of Montreal. No local concert dates for either Deerhoof or any of Wasner's projects on the calendar, but we'll keep you posted if any pop up.