MMS Completely Different Concert Preview - 18th Street Singers

We pride ourselves at MetroMusicScene on the breadth of the music we cover —indie, pop, hard rock, hip-hop, reggae, among others. One genre we haven't covered until now has been choral music. It gives me great pleasure to preview The Key of Life, the final performance this season for the 18th Street Singers. I'm seen a few of their concerts, and I've been acquainted with several current and former members of the group during my tenure in this city. Comprised of young professionals from the melting pot of DC professions, the now 50-person chorus has injected the area's choral music scene with originality and energy for 13 years. Their versatility knows is practically limitless, as the group transitions effortlessly from American traditional and spiritual hymns to baroque and classical compositions, original pieces and the works of modern composers.

The Key of Life showcases love, loss, faith, and social justice in song. You can catch performances Saturday night or Sunday afternoon at Luther Place Memorial Church. Enjoy a pair of videos from the group's history that highlight their gift for harmony and their willingness to push musical boundaries.