Wednesday Is For Covers - Shovels & Rope, Frontier Ruckus, Japandroids

A twist on our usual #WednesdayIsForLovers feature, today we have a trio of bands putting their unique spins on the songs of other artists. First up is a beautifully elegiac cover of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" by Shovels & Rope. This comes to us courtesy of the A.V. Club's special Day of the Dead Edition of A.V. Undercover, their long-running cover series.

Next up we have Frontier Ruckus and their take on Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart". This diaphanously dreamy rendition of the song is a far cry from the band's verbose and occasionally neurotic brand of folk-rock. Did you catch them at DC9 on Monday?

Our final cover of the night is Japandroids lo-fi recontextualization of "Love → Building on Fire" by Talking Heads. The quivering intro, as reminiscent of "Baba O'Riley" as of the delicate synthesizer opening of the original, segues into a joyously seedy garage rock version on the classic. Japandroids played the 9:30 Club Monday and last night.