Shakespearean Saturday - twenty one pilots "Heathens"

Nu Sass Productions on MetroMusicScene
In honor of Nu Sass Productions' re-staging of 43 1/2: The Greatest Deaths of Shakespeare's Tragedies at the Trinidad Theatre at Capital Fringe, we present one of the artists that has inspired company co-founder Aubri O'Connor on her artistic journey. Fitting that the group in question, twenty one pilots, shot a video tied to this summer's artfully violent Suicide Squad.

43 1/2 opened this past Thursday, and it runs through November 13. The play is a tragicomic look at the most colorful, imaginative, and awful Shakespearean deaths. In the words of one reviewer, the play is filled with the "requisite insider jokes and conceptual spoofs that Bard freaks will love", but it has enough low-brow humor and (simulated) gore to appeal to the adolescent in all of us.