Tubesday, ABC Edition - All The Real Girls, Bishop Briggs, and Caveman

We have an alphabetically-inspired trio of videos for you on #Tubesday, with tracks from All The Real Girls, Bishop Briggs, and Caveman.

Our first song is from the Pacific Northwest supergroup All The Real Girls. Fronted by singer and actor Peter Donovan, the band features members of Death Cab for Cutie and Built to Spill on drums and guitar, and recorded its debut with Nada Surf and Sleater-Kinney producer John Goodmanson. The songs on Elk City were inspired by a night Donovan spent drinking with a chain-smoking septuagenarian traveler he met while shooting the film Lost on Purpose.

Here we have the video for the album's title track, a colorful, pastorally-influenced tale that's more than initially meets the eye. Stylistically, the band sounds like nothing so much as a crossover between Conor Oberst and the Decemberists. Whether this is an elaborate allegory for a funeral, or a nod to the pagan roots in much of modern Christianity, well, I'll leave that up to you.

Next up we have "River" from Bishop Briggs, formerly known as BISHOP. I don't know much about this LA-based musician, poet, and daily choker wearer,  but this slightly sinister video has a stuttering, syncopated look and feel that reminds me of the old horror anthology series "Tales from the Darkside". It's quickly apparent that Bishop Briggs has a huge neo-soul voice, residing somewhere in between Duffy's smokiness and Grace Potter's weapon of mass distraction.

Our final selection is "Never Going Back", the surreal, 80s-inspired video from Brooklyn's Caveman, and the latest single from their upcoming Otero War. The slow build-up, the space whale whine of the synthesizers, and the phantasmagorical imagery betray the band's debt to New Wave. Along with the War on Drugs and Fitz and the Tantrums, I'd place Caveman as part of the vanguard of New American synth-pop.

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