TGIF Videos - Band of Horses, Jason Collett

The sun is shining, and this waterlogged city's collective hope is that this stretch of seasonal weather serves as harbinger of a rollicking holiday weekend ahead for us all. In that vein, here are two toe-tappers for today’s installation of TGIF Videos to help kick it off. 

This is the lead single from Band of Horses’ new album Why Are You OK, slated for release in early June. It's their catchiest tune since 2010’s “Laredo”, and the song captures the magic of this group, with Ben Bridwell’s twang punctuating the pure indie folk-rock. Moreover, the video perfectly illustrates the anxiety one feels when trapped at a party at which he or she only planned a perfunctory appearance. Life’s short, so here’s to escaping overly friendly party monsters and doing what you’d rather be doing.

“Love You Babe” by Broken Social Scene's Jason Collett is an upbeat gem deftly constructed to hook you with its bluesy slide, fingerpicking riff, and a croon all reminiscent of 461 Ocean Boulevard-era Claptop. This song made me happier than a mini pig in a baby pool, and the video encourages you and your loved ones to take some time this weekend to smell the roses and taste some wine. This groove is available on his latest effort Song and Dance Man, available now via Arts & Crafts. 

MetroMusicScene wishes you a fun-filled Memorial Weekend. Stay safe as you enjoy musical and other delights that await you.