Hump Day Hodgepodge - Neon Indian, Sunflower Bean, Stolen Jars

I'm in the process of moving, so my life is an endless succession of elegant piles of crap, with brief interludes to walk my hyperactive terrier (and be treated to more piles of crap). My brain is equally disorganized, so this Hump Day I offer a hodgepodge of musical selections to bring you a few minutes of blissful reprieve from whatever ails you. 

The musical world is still reeling in the wake of Prince's death, with a plethora of artists paying tribute to his legacy by offering renditions of his works and reflections on how his music shaped their lives and careers. This cover of "Pop Life" by Neon Indian and friends is my favorite thus far, as each of the artists exudes a a focus and energy indicative of the man they are honoring.

The video for "Easier Said" by Brooklyn rock darlings Sunflower Bean is rather somber in tone, but lead singer Julia Cumming's voice is pure, liquid sunshine.  This song reminds me of everything I love about 80s Brit alternative rock, melodic pop rhythms redolent of The Cure with the optimism and sweetness of The Sundays. The band members were in their teens when they started recording their debut album Human Ceremony (out now via Fat Possum Records) and have yet to crystallize a distinct sound, but their talent and penchant for experimentation highlight their considerable potential.

Lastly, we have the intricately woven melodies and polyrhythms that are the hallmark of Cody Fitzgerald and Molly Grund, otherwise known as Stolen Jars. The video for "Kept" epitomizes the endless promise summer holds for children, replete with days spent imagining and inventing. Perhaps more importantly, the song's mantra "living takes time" encourages us all to make space in our lives for a little more wonder. You can catch the duo in support of their album Kept at Bossa on June 26.