Friday Night (Morning) Video - Never by jennylee

Anyone else remember Friday Night Videos? Anyone? The youngsters reading this blog may not recall the glory days of the show, but for those of us growing up without cable in the 1980s FNV was a lifeline to what was nominally cool in the music world.

Nostalgic rhapsodizing aside, that brings us to "Never", this gloriously drone-y piece of 80s-influenced pop by jennylee, and its appropriately lo-fi video. This song revels in its Jesus & Mary Chain atmosphericity, and channels a bit of the post-riot grrl sound (and fury) of Sleater-Kinney and Sallie Ford.

You may recognize the video's star as bassist and sometime vocalist Jenny Lee Lindberg from the band Warpaint. She's released a solo album, right on!, on Rough Trade Records. She was scheduled to perform at the Black Cat on February 25, but I've recently received word that her show has been canceled. I'll keep you posted when I hear this show is rescheduled.