Fringe Music Friday - Rhythm & Soul Edition

Capital Fringe Festival on MetroMusicScene
Photo by Brian Flores from Cap Fringe 2009
We're departing a little from our Friday tradition in honor of the 10th Capital Fringe Festival kicking off this week. For those not in the know, Cap Fringe is part of an international network of unjuried experimental performing arts festivals. Performances include art, music, dance, one-woman and one-man shows.

In addition to all the shows on their schedule, Cap Fringe also offers musical entertainment during and outside the boundaries of the festival. Jim Thomson hosts a twice-monthly music event at the Martin Luther King Memorial Library in downtown DC. Bands will also be hand to entertain festival-goers at the Trinidad Theatre stage. In no particular order, here's a selection of the musicians who will be featured during Cap Fringe or at one of their affiliated events.

Backbeat Underground is a modern take on 60s-era funk and soul.

Three Man Soul Machine blend soul, reggae, and Afro-Caribbean influences into a jazzy musical gumbo.

Bosley is a buttery smooth Baltimore soul singer with a white hot backing band.

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the local talent who've helped Cap Fringe grow from a scrappy startup festival into the local arts powerhouse it is today. Enjoy!