New Music Monday - 'Refugees' by Meilyr Jones

We have a lovely low-fi video for the first solo single by Welsh singer-songwriter Meilyr Jones, formerly of the psychedlic pop band Race Horses. Refugees is available now in digital format from Moshi Moshi Records, with a limited edition 12-inch vinyl version following at the end of July.

Recorded in a single take, the video captures the anticipation of a live performance and the breathless silence that precedes it. The single, a slow-burning piano ballad and meditation on the relationship between industry and nature, draws its inspiration from the end of Jones' band and romance. His voice has a delicate power not unlike those of Antony Hegarty or Patrick Watson, and his vocals and the intimiate direction of the video lay the music bare in a manner you can usually only experience in person.

No word yet on a full album or US tour dates, but this single is an auspicious start to Jones' solo career and compositional aspirations.

Refugess by Meilyr Jones on Metro Music Scene