Free Music Friday, May Flower Edition - 'Wildwood Flower' by Sam Moss

A soggy April has presaged the technicolor explosion of green, pink, and purple with which we open the fifth month of 2015. In honor of May blossoms, our pick for Free Music Friday is 'Wildwood Flower' by Boston musician (and Napoleon Dynamite doppelganger) Sam Moss. This talented singer and instrumentalist traverses the topography of the Americana genre over the course of solo albums and collaborations with The Howling Kettles.

'Wildwood Flower', like most of the work on the Free Music Archive, is licensed under Creative Commons. Remember to pay it forward, perform a random act of kindness for someone, and support WFMU, the Archive, and the artists who make #FMF possible.

Sam Moss on MetroMusicScene
Photo by Sam Bush courtesy of