Hump Day Video Interlude - 'Ladybird' by Beach Baby

Ed. note: This video may be not safe for work (NSFW).

I have a hard time recalling the last time I was this blown away by a debut single. Ra Ra Riot, maybe? This single by Britain's Beach Baby has it all - the post-modern, post-Spectorian take on guitar-driven, Wall of Sound rock, not to mention the gauzy, the gauzy, perpetually vernal vocal harmonies of Local Natives or pre-POP-ETC Morning Benders.

This London-based quartet, who met at the artistically minded Goldsmiths' College, are blazing a trail across Europe and garnering significant airplay in the US. No word yet on a US tour or an album release date, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear something. In the meantime, enjoy the video (in a manner that won't get you sacked).

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