TBTV - Europa & The Pirate Twins by Thomas Dolby

In honor of the FCC's decision in support of Net Neutrality, we go deep into the archive and celebrate The Golden Age of Wireless for our Throwback Thursday Video. Today's choice is "Europa & The Pirate Twins", the first single and first, fourth, or sixth track from Thomas Dolby's 1982, 1983, or 1984 album. Confused? Excluding the 2009 re-issue, UK label Venice in Peril and American label Capitol-EMI released this album 6 times with 5 different track lists in a 3-year span. The two labels added, dropped, re-recorded and re-sequenced tracks from relase to release. NEITHER of the first releases in the US or the UK featured the hit single "She Blinded Me with Science".