Free Music Friday - A Holiday Freestravaganza

Today we kick off our #FreeMusicFriday holiday extravaganza with 'Happy Holidays' by Irish indiepop band Dublin Duck Dispensary, the alter ego of Irish musician Bobby Aherne. The song is a cut from the album Luanqibazao, released on the defunct netlabel Rack & Ruin. Triple D is no longer an ongoing project, but Aherne continues to make jaunty lo-fi pop as part of the trio No Monster Club.

The next track is our first of two from the annual holiday albums put out by Canadian netlabel Badgerland. This one is a lo-fi take on 'O Tannenbaum' by Canadian musician Dan Lerch, from the album A Very Badgerland Christmas 2011.

Next up is a spare yet sublime rendition of the Gordon Lightfoot classic 'Song for a Winter's Night' by The Nancies. I haven't been able to dig up much on the band other than this song from Badgerland's 2012 compilation, Yuletide Entertainments. It's a lovely, stripped-down cover of the classic, two voices accompanied by a minimalist guitar.

We wrap up our Freestravaganza with 'Nice King Hanukkah Song' by Jonathan Mann. You might know Mann better from his Song a Day project, or from his song about the iPhone antenna scandal that was played by Steve Jobs at an Apple press conference. This Hanukkah song is inspired by the children's show Adventure Time. I can't make this stuff up.

As always, all music is licensed under Creative Commons. Please support the musicians, " target="_blank">WFMU, and the Free Music Archive. Without their support, we couldn't keep highlighting great music that's freely downloadable. I hope you have a safe, happy, and musical holiday season!