Six Degrees of San Fermin

Those of you who missed last night's sold-out San Fermin and Courtney Barnett show at the Black Cat, don't despair. You can still catch the show tonight (with me). Doors open at 7pm and tickets are $20. Mikhael Paskalev kicks off the set at 7:30.

The above video, for San Fermin's 'Sonsick', was probably your gateway to the addictive music of composer (and Nico Muhly protege) Ellis Ludwig-Leone. The song featured the vocal talents of Lucius singers Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, who played a handful of shows with San Fermin before returning to their primary gig.

Some of you may have caught San Fermin's Tiny Desk Concert, where the female vocals were handled by Rae Cassidy and Plume Giant violist Eliza Bagg.

Cassidy left San Fermin's touring ensemble in April of this year, replaced by singer-songwriter Charlene Kaye. She and violinist Rebekah Durham are female vocalists for this tour.

Circling back to 'Sonsick', I stumbled on this delightful video of Lucius this weekend. It's a cover of The Kinks' 'Strangers', one of my absolute favorite of their songs. Enjoy!