Drop Some Knowledge with See-I at Vino Fest this Saturday, June 28

See-I, elder statesmen of DC's reggae movement (not to mention frequent Thievery Corporation and Fort Knox Five collaborators), celebrate the release of their latest record, Knowledge Shine Bright, with a rare local set at VinoFestDC this Saturday, June 28. Brothers Arthur "Rootz" and Archie "Zeebo" Steele and their collaborators fold reggae, soul, and Afropop, among numerous other genres, into a danceable and consciousness-elevating musical gumbo.

Guest artists on this record include rappers Mr. Lif and Flex Matthews, vocalists Candice Mills and Edy Blu, and guest musicians including Rob Myers on sitar (as featured in Thievery's Lebanese Blonde).

See-I are playing a set starting at 4:20pm (entirely a coincidence, I assure you). Tickets are $50. Check out "Musical Murder", one of the standout tracks on Knowledge Shine Bright.