Davy's Got The Blues

I had missed my previous chance to go see Isle of Man’s blues guitar wunderkind Davy Knowles and his band Back Door Slam a couple of months ago, and I made sure I didn’t take any chances this time. And the kid didn’t let me down. I was in the mood for some fiery blues guitar, and that’s what I got last night at the Rock & Roll Hotel.

Looking a bit like a younger, shaggier version of another English Davy (Jones), the fresh-faced Knowles (22) sounded like Paul Rogers (Bad Company), and played like Stevie Ray.

Back Door Slam kept things pretty basic on bass and drums, leaving plenty of room for the singularly-talented Knowles to lead the way on rhythm and lead guitar. Mixing in covers like Neil Young’s Cortez the Killer” and CSNY’s “Almost Cut My Hair” with originals throughout their set, they were always sure to include the sweet release of a string-bending guitar solo for the audience to eagerly look forward to.

Is Knowles groundbreaking? Not necessarily, but he’s extremely good and soooo young, and it’s very cool to see a rising guitarist up close. Plus, he’s been associating with some old masters in the field, playing and touring with guys like Warren Haynes, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Peter Frampton, so I think we’ve got more good things to look forward to.


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I'll vouch for that!