A Little Country

I’m really digging a couple of country tracks at the moment. Carrie Rodriguez’s (above) fragile alt-country “Rag Doll” is beautiful, starting off with a sparse arrangement that emphasizes her delicate vocals and the inevitable tragedy of the lyrics. And it keeps getting better as the warm instrumental goodness is gradually layered on.

And the second song is some sugary pop country by
Sarah Marince. She may just be a teenager, but she’s got vocals to burn on her version of the current Jimmy Wayne Top Ten hit. Yeah, she had to change a few pronouns around, but that hooky chorus is just irresistible.

MP3: Rag Doll Carrie Rodriguez
MP3: Do You Believe Me NowSarah Marince


Anonymous said…
I love Carrie Rodriguez, but she's not really country. I saw her Austin City Limits show this weekend (w/Jacob Dylan) and if anything she seems a blend of lots of the best of lots of music - it's her own thing. Very cool.