Rockin' the District Line

Bob Mould celebrated the release of his album District Line with a doubleheader last night at the 9:30 Club. The first act featured his band performing songs from the new album, along with gems from Mould's expansive Hüsker Dü, Sugar, and solo discography. Act 2 featured him in his Blowoff persona with bandmate Richard Morel.

While I didn't stay for the second set, I thoroughly enjoyed the opening act. The band, featuring Morel on keyboards, Jason Narducy on bass, and Rob Black behind the drum set, played a surprisingly muscular set. While District Line plays at times along the lines of Mould's Modulate or Sugar's Copper Blue, the live interpretations of the song hearken back to those self-described "poison years" when Mould fronted Hüsker Dü. Mould doesn't want you to forget that he's one of the godfathers of the American punk and post-punk scene, and in that regard he doesn't disappoint.

EDIT: A poster on my blog pointed out that Brendan Canty was unable to participate in this tour, and has been replaced by Rob Black as the tour drummer.

Photo courtesy of Granary Music.