The Sweet Sixteen: My Favorite Tracks of 2007 (#6-10)

The countdown resumes with numbers 6-10, in descending order to prolong the suspense. 1-5 tomorrow...

Girlfriend (remix) – Avril Lavigne f/ Lil Mama
Avril’s overly bratty pop + Lil Mama’s wicked flow = better than the original ever was.

9. Built To Last - Melee
Unabashedly melodic pop, with hooks flying all over the place.

8. Wait For YouElliott Yamin
And lo and behold, my favorite R&B song this year comes from Elliott Yamin? Yep. “Wait For You” is Brian McKnight-ish, catchy, and it’s smooth as butter

7. Brighten UpNo Second Troy
This modern rock gem is my favorite local single from this year. It takes its moody beginnings and then bursts into a very cool pre-chorus/chorus progression. Yeah, it’s probably a little overproduced, but gloriously so. ***See 'em live - No Second Troy will be rocking the Black Cat in DC this Friday, January 11th, with fellow DC bands Lejeune and The Vita Ruins.

6. Car CrashMatt Nathanson
Matt Nathanson cranks up the electric guitar here with a lurching, urgent rocker - and I want more...