A Case of the Fridays

Well, we’re pretty much through with September, though I really can’t remember where the month went. That being said, the music still remains, and we start things off with Dappled Cities’ “Vision Bell.” It’s an unconventional pop track, yet it remains interesting and catchy throughout, with clever instrumentation and wise alternating use of falsetto vocals. If you like what you hear, Dappled Cities will be at the Rock and Roll Hotel Friday, September 28th.

MP3: Vision BellDappled Cities

And we close out this week with “Can You Let Me Know,”a new track from Lupe Fiasco. I love how Sarah Green’s sugary smooth R&B vocals and keyboard samples provide a nice old-school backing for Lupe Fiasco and Verbal to lay down their free-flowing rhymes. Give it a listen.

MP3: Can You Let Me Know - Lupe Fiasco f/ Verbal & Sarah Green