A Case of the Fridays - Early Edition

It’s never too early for Friday, right? So we’re kicking things off this week with an early edition, beginning with “Wedding Gown,” by The Vicious Martinis. It’s some power pop with heart – and a few layers of tasty electric guitars. Singer Glenn Hall’s raspy vocals draw you into this slickly produced track, and some cool guitar tones and solos leave you coming back for more. If you like what you’re hearing, The Vicious Martinis will be having their CD release party at IOTA this Friday night, August 17th.

MP3: Wedding GownThe Vicious Martinis

And now we close out this early edition with a track from the Hershey, PA-based The April Skies. I am definitely liking the darker eighties sound of their track, “My Love Is In This House,” with its shimmering synths, reverbed guitar lines, and cool vocals. The song gradually builds in intensity throughout, and reaches a nice anthemic peak to finish. The April Skies will be at The Red and The Black Thursday, August 16th.

MP3: My Love Is In This HouseThe April Skies