A Case of the Fridays

Working a 5-day week during the summer is for the birds, no doubt, and it’s left me tired and ready for the weekend. But I’m still want more music. First up we’ve got a selection from some raucous rockers from Australia, You Am I (above). “Ain’t It Funny” is some swaggering garage rock, with driving rhythm guitars and strained vocals, gloriously teetering on the edge of chaos. They sound like they’d be a good time live, and they’ll be here in DC at Black Cat Thursday, August 2nd.

MP3: Ain’t It FunnyYou Am I

And of course, after we raise things up, we’ve gotta bring em back down a notch with Tereu Tereu’s “Furwinked!” It’s mellower indie rock with a jazzy twist and catchy chorus – and yeah, they even use vibraphone! If you like what you hear, Tereu Tereu will be at Black Cat, Tuesday, July 31.

MP3: Furwinked! (The Lion/Bear Song)Tereu Tereu

(songs are on box.net, so just left-click on songs to download or play)