A Case of the Fridays

It’s a strange, shortened, patriotic week, and hopefully y’all don’t have too much work to do. So we kick things off with “Where You Stand,” a new track from Cobbler’s upcoming album, The Change In Frequency. It’s catchy, pulsing modern rock, with haunting vocals and some cool U2-esque guitar work that leaps into the choruses. If you like what you hear, Cobbler will be at the 9:30 Club Friday, July 6th.

MP3: Where You Stand - Cobbler

And now for a little Mickey Avalon. While Butch Walker converts tales of the seamy, sleazy, dirty side of LA and Hollywood into glam-rock anthems, Mickey Avalon uses his lethargic come-hither-gigolo delivery to spin those tales into clever rhymes not-quite-fit for the workplace. And they're sneakily hooky, like “Waiting to Die.” Catch him at the 9:30 Club Monday, July 9th if you dare…

MP3: Waiting to DieMickey Avalon