Prepare for the Swell Season

If you haven't already seen it, you should by all means check out the film Once. Starring Glen Hansard of the Frames, the movie is directed by former bandmate John Carney. Hansard stars as the unnamed busker and part-time vacuum repairman who falls for an unnamed Czech flower girl, played by Marketa Irglova, that he meets while performing. Guy and Girl tell the story of their budding romance through the songs they write and perform throughout the movie. Once is a quiet, gentle, earnest film that will make you feel better for having seen it.

Why am I writing about a movie, albeit a musically themed one, on a music blog? In an interesting music-movie tie-in, The Swell Season, the Hansard-Irglova side project that produced many of the songs used in the film, will be playing 3 concert dates in the States in late July. Swell season will commence on Thursday, July 26, at DC's own 9:30 Club in a rare seated show. Don't miss it.