A Case of the Fridays

Well, there’s another month of 2007 to check off of your calendars. Bye-bye, May, and hello, June. But the music just keeps on coming. This week we’re starting off with Private Eleanor’s “A Better Way To Run.” This shimmering indie-pop confection gets its sweet goodness from the ethereal male/female harmonies of Austin Stahl and Marian Glebes, along with those glistening keyboard lines. If you like what you hear, you can catch them at the Black Cat on Wednesday, June 6th.

MP3: A Better Way To RunPrivate Eleanor

And we close out this week, as well as the month of May, with “The Devil In Me,” by Kate Voegele. It’s some well-constructed catchy pop-rock with a bit a punch that gives her a chance to flex some vocal muscle. Though for some reason at some points I seem to be hearing some vibrato and tone in her voice during the verses that’s strangely reminiscent of Shakira. Anyway, if you’re liking what you’re hearing, she’ll be at Jammin Java this Saturday, June 2nd.

MP3: The Devil In MeKate Voegele