Six Points Profile: Curly and The Rocket

Curly and The Rocket will be bringing some rock, some funk, and whole lotta action to the Six Points show at The Strathmore this Sunday. And they were kind enough to answer a few questions of mine…

1. So who wears the pants in this duo?

Well, we kind of each wear one leg...Just like our marriage relationship, there's a division of labor wherein the sum is greater than its parts. Curly contributes the drums, voice, lyrics and melody. The Rocket brings the guitars and the musical ideas...Our live act is kind of like Penn and Teller - Curly is the ringleader, but The Rocket is silently maneuvering a lot of the magic.

2. How do you create that big, big sound with just the two of you?

It's something we really worked towards- we're constantly tooling with dynamics, space, rhythm and sonics so that our sound is much larger than the two of us. It's like riding a bull- it takes a lot of energy, and some cajones. Being on the wild edge like that makes it a total thrill. We love that!

3. Y’all ready to rock the Strathmore for Six Points?

We're totally psyched to get sweaty in the Strathmore Mansion. We were excited that Six Points chose us for this venue because it's so gorgeous. It really gives the performers and the audience the feeling of sharing a special night…Context is such an important piece of how an audience perceives an artist, particularly if they are unfamiliar. So the Strathmore is sweet, and it's a real honor to play a show with Tom Principato.

4. Anything else you’d like to say?

We appreciate that the Six Points organizers are taking the lead on exposing folks to the all the great music that's right in front of them. People in Washington work really hard, and there's a lot of darkness and fear in our world right now. But music is good for the body and the soul. The positive energy we feel from making music is what we want to inspire in our listeners, loudly and passionately, with everything we've got. It's a feeling of fearlessness, and that is freedom. So we plan to rock this town!