A Case of the Fridays

We’ve got a very green weekend coming up, but unfortunately, these 70-degree temperatures aren’t sticking around. Regardless, we kick things off with “Chaos,” by Mute Math. The song title is pretty accurate, as the choruses of this pop prog-rocker frenetically jump around, both lyrically and sonically, with wild abandon. However, the verses soar majestically, providing a peaceful yin to the chorus’ energetic yang. If you like what you hear, Mute Math will be at the 9:30 Club Monday, March 19th.

MP3: ChaosMute Math

And we close out the week with a live selection from Pete Yorn, with “Crystal Village.” It’s a nice catchy slice of Americana. Yorn starts off with just his acoustic guitar, but is gradually joined by additional electric guitarists and vocalists, adding layer upon layer to eventually reach a nice crescendo. If you like what you hear, Pete Yorn will be playing two shows at the 9:30 Club, Tuesday, March 20th and Wednesday, March 21st.

MP3: Crystal Village - Pete Yorn