A Case of the Fridays

Finally, we’re into 2007! Funny, it feels a little bit like 2006. Anyway we open up this week (and this year) with Hotspur’s “Young & Reckless.” It’s a glorious ball of pounding drums, high energy, urgent vocals and tasty hooks. And if you like what you hear, they’ll be bringing their hyper-kinetic live show to IOTA Friday night, January 5th.

MP3: Young & Reckless - Hotspur

And we close out with “Wishing Well” – Not the song by Terence Trent D’Arby, mind you, but a different track by The Airborne Toxic Event. The eighties-flavored pulsing beat and whirring keys whisk the song along, as the vocals are delivered with a hint of English flavor. Take a listen.

MP3: Wishing WellThe Airborne Toxic Event