A Case of the Fridays

Another week, another dollar, kids, so it's time to kick things off with “Daydreamin’, ” a catchy hip-hop/soul concoction by Lupe Fiasco. The track seamlessly integrates samples and Jill Scott’s soulful vocals, while using to strings to build up tension and release around Lupe Fiasco’s smooth delivery. Take a listen.

MP3: Daydreamin’Lupe Fiasco f/ Jill Scott

And we close out this week with “Believer,” by the Florida-based indie-rock band Colourslide. I’m really digging the soaring vocals of singer Alex Lawhon and big-sounding drums on this anthemic track. If you like what you hear, they’ll be at IOTA this Saturday, December 9th.

MP3: Believer - Colourslide