A Case of the Fridays

It’s been a long week, no doubt, but there’s an end in sight, my friends. So kick off your Friday with “Brighten Up” from No Second Troy’s upcoming album. It’s radio-ready pop-rock, with some nice layering of sounds and urgent vocals. I’m really digging the pre-chorus, and the gradual increase of intensity. If you like what you hear, No Second Troy will be at IOTA this Saturday, September 30th.

MP3: Brighten UpNo Second Troy

And I’m really liking The Hint’s new single, “Where Are You Now?” This catchy power-pop gem takes off like a shot, digging its hooks in the listener and not letting go. The rhythm section’s driving beat kept my foot tapping along, and the harmonies gave the choruses just the lift they needed. If you like what you hear, The Hint will be at Jammin Java Wednesday, October 4th.

MP3: Where Are You NowThe Hint