A Case of the Fridays

This week’s column has two local selections, and we start things off with “My Own Addiction,” by 23 Rainy Days. The music bursts out of the speakers on this very well-produced alternative-rock track. The guitar tone on the lead work is excellent, and I’m digging the combination of drums and electronic beats. If you like what you hear, 23 Rainy Days will be at Jaxx on August 5th.

MP3: My Own Addiction23 Rainy Days

We close out today’s column with Jessi Canning’s “Cider Night.” It’s a catchy slice of jangly pop, with warm female vocals and some edgy rhythm guitar work. Take a listen, and if you like what you hear, she’ll be playing at IOTA this Sunday, July 30th.

MP3: Cider NightJessi Canning