Final Wammies Ballot Released

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The Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) released the final ballot for the 20th Annual Wammie Awards this afternoon in an email to members. Members have until 5PM on Monday, February 6 to return their ballots. The ballot can be downloaded as a PDF here.

A note at the top of this year's ballot announces the creation of a new Wammie award, the Emeritus award. As is explained on the ballot: "In many categories of music there is one person or group whose name and talent are synonymous with the style and the scene. These artists have become the royalty of their genre. This year, the Washington Area Music Association has decided to create a new Wammie award in which these music legends can best be honored. The Emeritus award is presented to those musicians who over the years have repeatedly been the award recipient in their category. The Emeritus Award is our way of expressing to those talented artists our appreciation of their immeasurable contributions to our music scene and to the world. They are indeed in a category unto themselves. In presenting the Emeritus award, WAMA is also paving the way for the successors in that category’s musical lineage. The new heirs apparent will be given a chance to emerge and the legacy of the music will continue to evolve."

The awards will be presented at the State Theatre on Monday, February 20. To learn more about the Wammies and to view past winners back to 1985, visit this page at