A Case of the Fridays

Instead of posting some mp3s once a month, I’m going to try to do it every Friday. Because listening to music is much better than working.

--First up is Marwood’s “Monday Over Friday.” Even though they're from NYC, Marwood seems to have been adopted by the DC/Metro area. And I can’t stop singing the chorus to this song in my head – hopefully I’ll be hearing the live version at their December 3rd IOTA show.

--If you like the sing-along choruses of Blink-182, you’ll probably enjoy Sugarcult’s tight little pop punk gem, “Memory.” Take a listen.

--I had never heard of The Notwist until I received the most recent CD from my mixtape club. And now, the beautiful hypnotic instrumental build of their song, “Consequence” has succeeded in burrowing itself into my brain.

--I’m really digging Army of Me’s new track, “Perfect.” It’s got a retro-eighties sound, with haunting Cure-esque vocals and reverbed guitars. Nice work. Go see ‘em live at Jammin’ Java on November 13th.