Well-Read & Half-Dead #2: "Just the Basics"

Just the Basics Benefit Concert
Sunday, October 30
Austin Grill Silver Spring
7:30 PM

Well, only my second column, and already I'm pimping some gig. But it's an unusual show.

First, this marks a rare chance to see both reclusive roots-rock genius Karl Straub and crowd-pumping Americana supergroup the Grandsons in a single show. It's also the first time either has played on the stage at the Austin Grill Silver Spring. Newly expanded, lit, and wired, the stage will accommodate the full bands of the Grandsons, the Karl Straub Combo, and rockabilly master JP McDermott, who has graced the spot many times and will be charged with keeping the other musicians happy.

Secondly, all three fine bands are donating their time and talent to help the Silver Spring Moose Lodge collect basic supplies needed by displaced families in New Orleans. The Lodge, under the leadership of Thomas Kenney, has collected and shipped almost 100,000 pounds of water, diapers, aspirin, and other essentials to Louisiana since the flooding, and their efforts continue even as the ongoing disaster fades from the front page. The bands and the Grill aim to push collections over the top.

That's where you come in. It's easy, too. Sometime between now and going to the show, pick up a few basic supplies from the list below. Bring them to the Moose Lodge and get a ticket as your receipt. That little ticket gets you 20% off food, thanks to the Grill's generosity. But wait, there's more! Other local businesses are kicking in prizes, like free passes to movies at the AFI Silver Theatre, and your ticket automatically enters you into the raffle. You don't have to do a thing: Just sit there with a beer and some delicious Tex-Mex and wait for the musicians to announce your fabulous prizes. It's like being on the Love Boat!

Better yet, the Lodge and the Grill are both directly across the street from the Wayne Avenue Garage [MAP] in the heart of the new Silver Spring. On Sunday, you can park once, drop your stuff at the Lodge (926 Wayne Avenue, (301) 589-5491), and walk right to the show. In other words, we are trying to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you to donate a few basic supplies. You can get these things at the corner store. The folks in demolished neighborhoods can't. The Moose Lodge will load the truck and drive everything down to where it's needed. All you have to do is grab something from this list:


  • Diapers & baby wipes
  • Baby food & formula
  • Cases of drinking water
  • Blankets, towels & bedding
  • Aspirin, band-aids, & other medicine-cabinet basics
  • Duct tape, rope, work gloves
  • Five-gallon buckets
  • Building materials, hammers, nails
  • Gift certificates to Home Depot
  • Bleach, soap & detergents
  • Brooms & mops
  • Toilet paper & tissues
  • Soap, deodorant, shaving supplies

    Set times:

    7:30 - The Karl Straub Combo

    8:30 - JP McDermott & Western Bop

    9:30 - The Grandsons

    Three outstanding bands. Good food for cheap. Beer. No cover. Convenient parking. What more can I do? Come on out and join us.

    -- Joel