MySpace Mondays #2

The second in a new series highlighting artists every Monday

A t-shirt from the Eric Hutchinson collection
Image from the store
Back when I was working as On Tap's Music Editor in 2003, I got a press kit in the mail from a guy I'd met previously at a music conference. The artist's name was Eric Hutchinson and his press kit consisted of a short note on a torn out piece of notebook paper and his EP, titled that could've gone better, wrapped in newsprint. It was far different from the colored folders and various forms of packaging most other artists sent to the magazine. But the presentation didn't matter because the music was some of the best I'd received while in that job.

Hutchinson, who has called Takoma Park, Maryland home at times, has a quote on his MySpace page from the On Tap review I wrote on his EP: "Hutchinson has vocal range he probably has not even used yet ...It is clear that Hutchinson has a lot to say and it is unlikely that we have heard the last of him. For the sake of pop music, let's hope that is true."

Two and half years later, he's still making pop music and rolls into town on Thursday, November 10 in support of Austin's Bob Schneider at The State Theatre in Falls Church. If you can't catch them then, the night before they'll be at Baltimore's 8x10 Club (Changing the name back to that was a wise decision. The name "Funk Box" rang with cheese). Hutchinson will also be back in the area to play the 8x10 Club again on December 6, as he opens for Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers.

Check them out on MySpace: [Eric Hutchinson] [Bob Schneider] [Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers]

Currently Stuck In My Head - "Letter Read" by Rachel Yamagata
You won't find that one on her MySpace page as of this posting, but there are three other songs available there by this RCA Victor recording artist who "bounced between Maryland, D.C. and upstate New York growing up."