Another SXSW Blog

Continuing the trend of posts to this blog about a festival that will take place about 1500 miles from the D.C. area but--as one of the finest music festivals in the world--deserves the attention, here is one more suggestion on something South By Southwest (SXSW) related to check out: The blog SXSW Baby. For anyone headed to Austin, Texas for the festival, that blog, along with the official SXSW site, is a good place to start.

There is plenty to check out in Austin within the official SXSW music line-up, but there's also plenty happening outside of what you'll find in the official events and appears to be a good place to get dialed into some of that. For example, here's a list of unofficial shows from that points to.

Another blog worth checking out before heading to SXSW is, which was previously mentioned in this post.