Texas Roadtrip: Week 1 Results

Billy Coulter advanced in week one of On Tap and Austin Grill's Texas Roadtrip singer/songwriter competition, which will send one song singer/songwriter to play in Austin, Texas during the South By Southwest Music Festival. The competition is taking place every Tuesday night, for six weeks, at the Austin Grill Silver Spring. Each week's winner will compete in the grand finale on February 26, also at Austin Grill Silver Spring.

Next Tuesday, January 18, the competition will feature Kristin Putchinski, Lianna, Brice Woodall, Mike Shupp, Chris Rentch and Leah Morgan.

A competition to send three bands to South By Southwest is also taking place as part of the Texas Roadtrip. That competition begins Saturday, February 5 at Continental Modern Pool Lounge in Rosslyn.