Six Points Selection Committee

Melissa DePaulis will be heading up the selection committee for this year's Six Points Music Festival. Melissa is a violinist, a moderator on the Arlington Music Scene Yahoo Group, an active participant in events such as the happy hours as well as last year's Six Points Music Festival, and a volunteer with the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA). She is also not a member of any band, which will provide the committee with a leader who is an active member of the local music community and, but not looking to perform at the festival.

Melissa has been working to put together a selection committee of music industry professionals from the Washington area. Confirmed members thus far include Z104 DJ Jenni Chase, DC101 DJ Roche and Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) President Mike Schreibman.

The selection committee will rate each submission, on a scale of 0-5, in the areas of Songwriting/Lyrical Content; Vocal, Instrumental and Overall Performance; Originality; and Visceral Reaction. The average of the committee's votes for each performer will then be calculated and they will be ranked accordingly. The committee will then select the highest ranking performers based on the number of slots available, taking into account the stage specs and musical genres that would be most appropriate for each festival venue.

Submissions for this year's Six Points Music Festival must be postmarked by Monday, February 7, at which point they will be reviewed by the selection committee. The line-ups and the venues will then be announced in late February. The festival submission form, along with more information, is available here.