Out-Of-Town Bands: Want To Play D.C.?

The Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) has launched the WAMA Band Exchange, an online forum designed to promote gig-swapping between D.C. artists/bands and out-of-town acts.

Bands/artists can post their information to the section for their respective city, along with contact information and links to their music.

Baltimore, Boston, New York, Philadelpia, and Richmond are the first five cities to be included in the forum. It may be expanded later, depending on how it goes with these first five. D.C. area bands/artists can browse the posts to the forum and contact those bands/artists who they fit well with. The two bands/artists can then discuss a gig-trade, where they would each open for one another in their respective hometowns.

The hope behind all of this is to get more bands working together to play out of town and build their fan bases. The more bands who post to it, the more likely the idea will work. It was just launched this week, so it may take some time to get things rolling. Please spread the word to other artists/bands who might be interested.

Click here to enter the Band Exchange and click on the letter icon below to email this information to someone else.