Friday Night Music Fight - Queen of Jeans vs Sigma

It's Friday before a holiday weekend, and I'm feeling punchy from the long week behind me. This was the inspiration for the Friday Night Music Fight, a blog post featuring songs with warring titles or opposing lyrics.

In this corner, hailing from Philadelphia, we have Queen of Jeans. Billing themselves as "two gay vegans plus one beautiful boy omnivore", the band's slyly self-deprecating description of their sound as "denimcore" and "crockpot pop" underplays the lyrical and aural density and depth of their songs. "Get Lost", the lead single from their week-old If you're not afraid, I'm not afraid, is another song in a wave of offerings from young songwriters who simultaneously thread the fine line between strength and vulnerability. Kicking off with a solitary guitar riff that wouldn't be out of place on a classic Cars album, "Get Lost"  explores a relationship the singer knew better than to enter but doesn't regret exiting. Miri Devora's voice dances over the pathos in her lyrics, starting out bobbing and weaving before the uppercut of the song's cathartic visual and sonic crescendo. If you like Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Angel Olsen, you'll feel right at home in the court of Queen of Jeans.

In the opposing corner our challenger is the British drum and bass duo Sigma, featuring vocals by Birdy, with their single "Find Me". This is the unapologetically romantic, almost glum, tale of lovers in a decaying orbit who can't help but keep finding their way back to one other. Built around a piano riff with shades of Jon Brion's excellent Eternal Sunshine score, this is another slow burner that transitions from a stationary perspective to a backward tracking shot of actor, rapper, and all-around "It girl" Millie Bobby Brown traveling through the streets of London lip-syncing the lyrics.

Who do you think would prevail? The baseball bat-wielding popster from South Philly, or the British duo and their telekinetic avatar. My suggestion is to never bet against a fighter from the City of Brotherly Love, and to check out Queen of Jeans next Thursday when they drop in to Songbyrd.