Wednesday is for DJ Shadow Lovers

I've been mulling a #WIFL post about DJ Shadow for a while, but the timing couldn't be more opportune with the news that a collaboration with De La Soul dropped yesterday. DJ Shadow and De La Soul? AYFKM? These are artists that have produced some of my most beloved musical collaborations (Judgment Night soundtrack, anyone?), working together. I'm even willing to overlook that the single is included as part of the Madden 20 soundtrack. Check out the HQ audio and animated video version of the single.

Prior to this, arguably Shadow's highest profile recent team-up was the giddily NSFW "Nobody Speak", featuring Run The Jewels. Set against a backdrop of an intergovernmental meeting gone "Lord of the Flies" level of awry, I fear this song and video presage the state of American politics for decades to come.

Who could forget "Listen", his single with the incomparable Terry Reid? This was the man that Robert Plant considered one of the finest voices of his generation, the singer that Jimmy Page originally picked for his New Yardbirds project.

Finally we have the DJ Shadow remix of "We Might As Well Be Strangers" by Keane. I thought the remix improved upon the original by adding structure and urgency to a song that lacked both. The album version of WMAWBS landed with a gelatinous plop, despite its gorgeous lyrics and Tom Chaplin's deceptively angelic vocals. The remix imbued the chorus with an energy missing from the original lacked, the loopy electronics underneath hammering home the plaintiveness of the lyric.