Wednesday Is For Lovers - Free and Easy Edition

Image courtesy of CLARA-NOVA

It's Wednesday, the sun is out, it's 70 degrees, and DC is in resplendent bloom. What better way to take a midweek break with a pair of songs that will have you quietly grooving in your chair, at a red light in your car, or on the Metro (you weirdo)? First we have "Free", the new single from French-American artist CLARA-NOVA. The band is the project of musician and visual artist Sydney Wayser.   "Free" has that gauzy, sun-kissed feel that's a hallmark of recent California indie and alternative pop, not to mention smoky vocals reminiscent of The Japanese House, but bigger and bolder. The song also calls to mind fellow French electronica artist Petit Biscuit, courtesy of glitchy keyboards and sound effects punctuating the analog instruments.

The other half of today's equation is a new single from American electronic artist Tycho. Evolving from a part-time sideline of photographer and designer Scott Hansen into full-time, breakout electronic stardom, the song serves as a bridge to Tycho's future projects after the trilogy of Dive, Awake, and Epoch. The new song represents a new inward focus for Hansen, a counterpoint to his trilogy exploring the outer reaches of expression and experience.

I hope these songs bring you as much joy as they've brought me and remind you that we're halfway to the weekend.