MMS Premiere - "Wind Me Up" by Two Dragons and a Cheetah

Greetings, blog reader(s). Waking us from the torpor of our long absence and the longer nights is a new song from our friends Two Dragons and a Cheetah (2D&C). Inspired by not one, but two, Beatles songs, "Wind Me Up" sheds the sturm und drang for a toe-tapping, booty-shaking, bar brawl of a number complete with a group singalong.

The band's post-post-punk aesthetic is driven by vocalist Maryjo Mattea's slyly catchy guitar work, channeling 60s power pop with strains of 90s psychedelic rockers like Tripping Daisy and Presidents of the United States of America. Mattea's high octane voice, underpinned by Joel Wu's frenetic work on the skins, reinterprets the 90s heyday of Hole and Garbage in all their genre-bending glory.

Theirs is a common (platonic) musical love story. Girl meets boy. They make beautiful music together. Boy moves to the frozen north. They make it work.

You can catch 2D&C in a rare local show this Saturday at the Rock & Roll Hotel, opening for Endless Winter.

Photo courtesy of Melanie Cohen and the band