Wednesday Is For Lovers - All Caps Edition

Today's #WIFL selection is a song by Los Angeles alternative popsters FUTURE FEATS. "Same Mistakes" is a perfect distillation of 80s swagger, from the bouncing, New Order-y synths that begin the track to the cheerfully anguished crescendo of the chorus. As delightfully cheery as this song is, it deals with a night that saw FUTURE FEATS bandleader wind up in a hospital bed and a jail cell.

Pull on your headband and break out your fingerless gloves for this high octane outfit, opening tonight and tomorrow with Tokyo Police Club for Matt & Kim.

While we're on the topic of lovers, here's a second video for Matt & Kim's single, "Happy If You're Happy", with shots of our eponymous duo recreating the dance scene from Pulp Fiction interspersed with footage of Uma Thurman and John Travolta cutting the rug in the film. For a band that was notoriously cagey for years about their relationship, both in their interviews and in their lyrics, this is another step in the evolution of the M&K sound. This popped up as an ad in YouTube the other day, and for the first time ever I watched an ad all the way through. It's an unselfconsciously lovely song and video, and a touching testament to the staying power of one of indie pop's power couples.

Tickets for both tonight's and tomorrow's show at the 9:30 Club are sold out, but there's at least one section of Craigslist that hasn't been shut down.