Wednesday Is For Lovers - Jenn Wasner Edition

Words can't sufficiently capture how I feel about Wye Oak. When Jenn Wasner sings "Infinite sea, you are not where we will go on / Floating unaware" on "If You Should See", I appreciate the utter timelessness of music. An A-minor sandwiched between a C and D has a surprising resonance, an emotional connection between performer and audience that has existed since humankind first uncovered the power of notes carefully strung together.

Wye Oak frontwoman Jenn Wasner has a solo project called Flock of Dimes, and she's released a pair of videos in recent months that delve into the strange, often sad, and beautiful timelessness of modern life and relationships. You can catch Flock of Dimes tomorrow night at Ottobar and Friday in New York before they embark on a tour with Sylvan Esso.

The first, "Semaphore", is about the "infinite space that exists between even the closest of people", and about the difficulty in expressing one's self "in a way that feels authentic and genuine".

The second video, "Everything Is Happening Today", touches on the notion that every life is life twice—once forward, the other backwards. It's about permanence in the fleeting, how that sudden feeling of a change of seasons makes one recall every other similar day he or she has lived.